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They say to start the year as you mean to go on.

Here's the January issue of Clarkesworld Magazine, which contains my odd little dragon story, "Orm the Beautiful."

And here's desperance saying nice and insightful things about A Companion to Wolves. (And no, we did not plan that. *g*) (Also, I am supposed to tell you that Mole wrote all the sex scenes.) (We're all clear on that, right? Who wrote all the sex scenes? Mole wrote all the sex scenes.)

*snickers* +

And here is Delia Sherman and Robert M. Tilendis saying nice things about Blood & Iron (and Robert also says nice things about The Chains that you Refuse.)

and ronin_kakuhito has some nice things to say about Hammered and Blood & Iron and The Chains that You Refuse.

hedgehog has nice things to say about many books, including Carnival.

And I spent the evening with friends and family, eating minty fudge and sushi and drinking good beer and tea.

This is the part where I have nothing to complain about.

See you all tomorrow. Welcome to 2007.

+ we actually managed to fool our editor as to who wrote what. *g* we were pretty smug about that. Sarah has this reputation as a smut peddlar, after all, whereas I am clean and pure as the driven-on snow.

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