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this is absolution. this is absolute.

Yay, it's 2007 and the tea is on.

You know what this means, don't you?

Coffee break's over. Everybody back on your heads.

It means its time to start working on the Dust proposal, which I eye with mingled excitement (I don't wait well, which makes working to deadline a particularly insidious thing for me, as I can feel the damned things up there like so many swords of Damocles) and trepidation (I really am not yet ready to start working again, psychologically speaking. I could use another week of flop).

Anyway, boo book.

Oh, wait! I mean, yay, book! I'm excited to be working on this book! I love this book! It is so full of the cool I can't stand it!

Actually, it is so full of the cool I can't stand it. And when I have my tea and leftover Chinese food warmed up, I'm going in there, under a pile of Gary Numan, and I'm not coming out until I have eight more pages of cool written down.

But for now, the cat wants fed.

*makes a muscle*

*is mighty*
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