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dust be diamonds water be wine

2319 words today, and to the end of chapter three. That would be quitting time. And not so coincidentally, dinner time.

Hey, if I can put two more days like this back to back, I will have the writing-sample part of the proposal done done done. And then I can get the synopsis done by Friday, and beat my deadline by like ten days.

THAT would be too cool.

And I think we are going with the lowercase d in dust. Because Mek likes it, and Mek is always right.

five trends I have spotted in my own work that might be repetitive:

  1. Fallen angels. And I mean, WTF? I could care less about angels. I am angel-proof. If anything, I have an anti-angel kink. And yet, there they are, cluttering up every damned thing I write.
  2. One-eyed characters, or characters with horrible scars, or both.
  3. Really complicated love triangles. More like love parallelograms. Love perfect solids. Man. Just a mess, every time.
  4. Broken things that don't get fixed.
  5. (feel free to add your own.)

I just told Chaz that I thought his books read like the experimental proof of the theory of unintended consequences. The more I think about that, the more I like it.


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