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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

and already the sun was no more than a star.

Chapter two of "Lucifugous" is up!

Come on, it's your first day back at work. Do you want to be doing December's expense reports, or do you want to be reading about mysterious disappearances, daring lady authoresses, and dirigibles?





[I will not say "with your colon," because this is a family publication, but I may think it loudly whilst humming "Crown of Thorns"]

Sorry... I got distracted by thinking about ladies' daring dirigibles, and not the kind that caused cries of "Oh, the humanity," unless that newsman found himself in Mae West's boudoir.
Any excuse to share that is a good one.
Hooray, dirigibles!

PS - Orm the Beautiful made me all teary too.
shucks. *g*
I'm partial to the Meissen china, myself. ;-D
I was going to say something witty about the probability of my December expense reports including dirigibles and lady authoresses but a) I'm not clever until at least noon and b) lady authoresses went in the November reports.
Vampire Detective? Genius Sidekick? Murder Mystery in the Sky? WIN!
That said, there be dust (see?, I'm hip :D) in the tags but none in the post. Whatta gyp.
yeah, I suck.

I love these guys. I really do.
Oh, yes.

Oh, very yes.
thank you!
I like this!

I'm sorry to sound surprised, but it's vampires, and I'm not big on vampires as a rule - do not feel the romance, do not catch the spark, etc.. And it's the dirigible equivalent of an English country-side mystery, which is also not my biggest thing. But it was free and written by someone I pay attention to, so I read and behold! enjoyment ensued.
*g* I think there's this whole wonderful side of vampires that is neither The Angst nor the Goffy Dark Romance that gets totally neglected.

Like... what is it *really like* being 1100 years old?

(also, thank you.)
This and Orm the Beautiful made for some very nice reading this morning... :)
Thank you!
Hey Sarah Bear!

Not only does little old me, early adopter of your work, love the stuff from New Amsterdam thus far, but big time blogger Brad De Long likes the idea too

Hey, thanks!