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all's well. 20th century dies.

I am mighty. 2,153 words today, comprising all of chapter four. Which means I have only chapter five left to write, and the proposal is done. Except the synopsis.

Which means that now I get to have a snack, and then change clothes, and then go to the gym, and then come home and shower and spend the rest of the day on reading and maybe doing the dishes that desperately need doing.

God, I love a good writing day. I get my wordcount, and have time to have a life.

Link salad:

sksperry on rules for living. These are really good rules, and I follow most of them as much as I can.

mevennen on the reality of characters.

justine on paragraphing.

will on three-stories-into-one (via msisolak)

Climatological feedback. (via greygirlbeast)

Some climatological experts expect 2007 to be the warmest year in modern history.

mizkit talks about her revising process for one particular novel.

Suzanne Church at Tangent Online reviews Clarkesworld #4, including "Orm the Beautiful." (moderately spoilery.)

Rose Read (great blog name) comments on Blood & Iron... and books by E. Kushner, C. Stevermer, T. Pierce, and D. Sherman, among others.

vcmw on Carnival, at length. (with side trips into some of my other stuff.)
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