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bear by san

March 2017



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would have been could have been worse than you could ever know

Really, the most important thing I need to post today is this: Chris's Invincible Super-Blog sporks Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. And all is right in the world.

(via tanaise)

Read the comments, too: I am too timid a soul to check to see if Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers really has erotic fiction out there. Sadly I know in my heart of hearts it must. The internet is a dark and dreadful thing sometimes.



The second comment's the one that got me. The Rat King as a Never-Nude, indeed.
I snarfed!

Also, I know the person who made that icon! It always makes me giggle when I see it around and about LJ! Tee hee!
I would have snarfed except I'm at work and I don't think I'd be able to explain it to my officemate.

I love this icon--it is full of win. I hope the person who made it doesn't mind that it's been ganked by a multitude of people (or, if you'd like to pop over to my LJ and let me know who made it, I'll give proper credit).
I snarfed at work, and no one noticed!

Nope! She's thrilled people use it :)
There's smurf porn. Brady Bunch slash[1] in shocking amounts.

I don't see why C&D would be spared, other than a perpetually well-hidden tuck job of their dangly bits in the canonical material... or uses for their tails that none of you will forgive me for suggesting just now.

[1] I was in college, and bored, and the internet was new... I stopped after getting to the part with Alice, the dog, and a rotary eggbeater (or at least drank enough after encountering that scene to have blacked out whatever followed).
uses for their tails that none of you will forgive me for suggesting

Sadly, Hellboy porn has scarred me forever. I doubt nothing any longer.

the dog, and a rotary eggbeater

And then there was Odo and the electric blender, which he mistook for a sexual device. I wish I was kidding.
I do not know whether to be horrified by the blender thing, or just laugh until I pee.
Odo and the electric blender

This is hysterical. -that- is the sort of fanfic creativity that should be rewarded.
There are rewards for fanfic??? *g*
I don't know about erotic FICTION, but erotic comic-book art? Yes. Yes, there is. Goof Troop, too.

Hey, I was in college and Usenet was new. I still have fond memories of alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.dizney. :-P
Did I mention the friend who once wrote Kissinger/Nixon once, just to prove she could?
You think that was just to prove she could? I think that was because she has a deep-seated addiction to Kissinger.

It makes me cry, I tell you.
I read that over the weekend and cannot stop laughing at it. It makes me want to read the comics, though I swore years ago to never buy anything with her name on it ever again, so I'll have to find someone who bought them and borrow them long enough to read.

Oh, the mockery.
I love that icon. King Mob, if I'm not mistaken?

You can tell him apart from Spider Jerusalem... by the glasses and the tats, really. *g*
*nods sagely*

And the fact that KM carries some heavy artillery, while ol' Spider usually wields a Bowel Disruptor set on "liquify"...

Those beatiful British comic writers... Morrison & Ellis. How we all luv 'em... :-P
Because, as my buddy said the wrongness must be shared. Of course Bert and Ernie are just friends.

(I swear, she's really a normal person, well, as normal as any of my friends. ;-)
> I am too timid a soul to check to see if Chip
> and Dale Rescue Rangers really has erotic
> fiction out there.

::whimpers:: Mommy, make it stop....
The ISB is just about my favorite comic blog on the 'net. *beams*
Hey, Gadget was quite the hottie in her little purple jump suit, plus, ya know, smart!
Eben had such a thing for Gadget back in the day. Those ears! That hair! Eben was not surprised to discover plenty of erotic art featuring her.
Meh. I didn't really care for it. It was pretty much "The book sucks and so does the author." If I'm going to read a critique, I'd at least like it to have substance. I mean, I can't imagine you'd like it if someone trashed your books like that, or am I totally off the mark here?

*g* Are you kidding? My favorite review is the one that says Blood and Iron would be much improved by adding lots of Hitler.

The right kind of hatchet job is an art form, man.
Did you ever notice that Chip & Dale don't wear any pants?

This seems to be something of a vital importance. The mouse-chick gets pants, as does the lumbering Scottish chap. Everyone 'cept for C, D, and the fly (what size does he wear? -6?) gets a feast of pants.
LOL, I KNOW Rescue Rangers has horrible erotic art for it. Sigh, this is not a thing to be proud of... But yes, it's totally out there. =[

*g* I should have known I could count on you....
Heh, the sad thing is I'm not even looking for this stuff. I just have a knack for being amused by some of the lowest common denominator places on the internet. =[