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bear by san

March 2017



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sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)

i'll hold your hand while they drag the river

Link salad (news of the "bite me!"):

FBI documents its agents' reports of abuses at Gitmo.


A court-ordered psychiatric evaluation is to be completed this week on Jose Padilla, the American held without charge for nearly four years as an enemy combatant. Whatever the judge decides, the Padilla case is an extraordinary legal saga that poses significant difficulties for the government...

...According to court papers filed by Padilla's lawyers, for the first two years of his confinement, Padilla was held in total isolation. He heard no voice except his interrogator's. His 9-by-7 foot cell had nothing in it: no window even to the corridor, no clock or watch to orient him in time...

...Another dilemma faces the government as well. Padilla's lawyers contend that as a result of his isolation and interrogation, their client is so mentally damaged that he is unable to assist in his own defense. He is so passive and fearful now, they maintain, that he is "like a piece of furniture."

God told Pat Robertson to expect terror attacks on U.S. soil in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

In a suspense-filled final day of the legislative session, Massachusetts lawmakers kept alive a proposed constitutional amendment Tuesday that would put a stop to gay marriage in the only state that allows same-sex couples to wed.

Lighter notes:

Googlefixing: all about the "East African Plains Ape." Context on the "East African Plains Ape".

James Nicoll on what the reader is not owed by the writer.

Alma Alexander on "What the writer owes the reader."

What I think I owe you, for your seven bucks: the very best book I can possibly write given the deadline.

Twenty full moons.



Hey, if God said that specifically to Pat Robertson specifically, and not any of my Christian friends in the USA, at least we can take comfort in the fact it might centered around his house? I hope he's in... *g*
Oops. Extraneous specifically.
one could hope, anyway. *g*
I'm not quite sure where to start.

Let's see, I'm sure Dubya and Co will continue to insist that total isolation isn't torture, even though the American prison system has known about the effects of such treatment for nigh on 200 years. (It was an experiment tried in some prison or other as a way to help convicts redeem themselves through meditation and introspection or something. Run by the Quakers, I think it was and *very* quickly abandoned as all the inmates started going completely nuts.)

I hope Massachusetts manages to maintain their sanity.

In a related note, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs now has
Second Thoughts on Gays in the Military. A bill to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" will likely come up this session in Congress. Sad that it took needing more bullet fodder for Bush's Iraqi Adventure.

As for Robertson, I think they may have dipped into that well a time or two too many. There are still some sheep out there (what *is* Dubya's approval rating these days), but I think most folks have picked up on the positive correlation between the 'terror alert level' (terror in the administration, that is) and the administration's need to either divert attention or scare people into voting for them.
If Robertson believe that it will happen in such-and-such a time frame, it won't. I would hope that the terrorists of the world would share enough sanity and/or humour with the rest of us to refuse to do anything just because Robertson's proclaimed that it must and will be done.
Can't somebody get some pictures of Robertson cavorting with goats or something so we can get rid of this guy? I keep wiping him off my shoes and he keeps showing up again.
"The Lord didn't say nuclear.

How much you wanna bet his Lord said NOO-kyoo-ler.
No. Bet.
The NY Times reported last month on a 29-year-old man named Donald Vance. He was an American in Iraq who became an informant, reporting to the FBI about possible weapons violations and other concerns at the Iraqi security company where he was working. I'm drastically summarizing, but Mr. Vance ended up being detained in Iraq by the US military and the story of his detention is disturbing. I mean, he was trying to help his country...and he's subjected to detention and secret tribunal where he and another American were denied access to legal counsel or any evidence being used against them and given some of the same treatment Jose Padilla has been given.

Link to NY Times article

Once the tribunal determined he was "an innocent civilian," it still took *18* days for them to release him.

The image of Mr. Vance's Red Cross number written in the margins of his Bible is chilling.

And he's an American, too. What's happening to non-Americans caught up in this?