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ZOMG fangirl SQUEEEE!!1!!

Okay. Having a peak moment.

So, yanno, I'm a huge embarrassing Grimjack fangirl. Yes, I am. Somewhere in a storage unit in Nevada, actually, I believe I have a complete run of the book, unless the gnomes have gotten it. And I was always awfully fond of Jonah Hex, too. (There's a Jonah Hex joke in one of the Jenny stories somewhere, unless I wound up cutting that scene. But it did get written at one point.)


I have Tim Truman cover art.

Yes. Me.

You can touch me, but it will cost you a quarter.

Issue #5 of Subterranean, You can order it here. Complete cast list:

"Mazer in Prison" by Orson Scott Card
"Doc Savage and the Cult of the Blue God" by Philip Jose Farmer
"Being Intimately Aware of the Past: An Interview With Alan Moore" by Dorman T. Shindler
"The Plot" by Stephen Gallagher
"Getting Dark" by Neal Barrett, Jr.
"Lucifugous" by Elizabeth Bear
"Some Thoughts Re: DARK DESTRUCTOR" by Tad Williams
"Wendy" by Jim Grimsley
"On Books" by Dorman T. Shindler

yendi says nice things about Blood & Iron here.

bear by san

la la la la la la la la

Since I've essentially been spamming livejournal all day, it seems like a good time to carry on with that. Every so often I get asked if I listen to music while writing, and if so what kind. And the answer is yes, obsessively and eclectically. And furthermore, I go so far as to make playlists of songs for each work in progress.

Sometimes they are short--the short story "Sounding" had a playlist of exactly three songs, as I recall, and I am lucky kit_kindred didn't put a shovel through my head by the time I had it written. (The songs were, IIRC, Billy Joel's "The Downeaster Alexa," Jethro Tull's "The Whaler's Dues," and Cris Williamson's "Leviathan." There may have been one other one.)

"Sonny Liston Takes The Fall" had a four song playlist: John Gorka's "Dream Street," Mark Knopfler's "Song for Sonny Liston," Dan Fogerlberg's "Run for the Roses," and three versions of "The Boxer": Simon & Garfunkle, Simon & Garfunkle (live), and Emmylou Harris.

Anyway, I present for you inspection and amusement, partial and expurgated and abridged soundtracks for various recent or forthcoming novels. Because I thought it might be fun.

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Actually, that probably tells you a good deal about the book.

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...yeah, cheerful book.

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There. That was a perfect waste of an evening. *g* And you know. I am really happy right now. It's nice to not be scrambling for six nigh-impossible deadlines.